Quality. Kindness. Innovation.

We start with the highest quality ingredients on the market today, sourcing organic coffee beans from a variety of Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified farms across the world. These beans, from places like Ethiopia, Indonesia, and many others in between, allow us to achieve our first order of business: make quality coffee.

We then set ourselves apart from existing coffee brands by engaging in a unique and good-natured sales process. With every coffee purchase you make from Sapien, you get to choose which charity you'd like to donate 50% of the price to. Instead of lining the pockets of corporate CEOs, we believe our coffee is better suited for a more righteous purpose: bring more kindness into the world.

We're constantly innovating. One such way is how we allow the followers of our brand to be sellers of coffee too, not just buyers. We believe raising money for good causes shouldn't be limited to only a few big charities, so you can use Sapien as a crowdfunding platform for your own fundraising purposes. We're continuously thinking of ways to branch out even further and enhance our business model, leading to our third key value: innovate everyday purchases.

Here at Sapien, we're committed to delivering quality ingredients to consumers and shifting their profits from a few greedy hands into many, benevolent hands. We envision a world where everyday purchases are fundamentally changed to benefit allpeople.

It is our mission to not just blend coffee, but to blend quality goods with kind initiatives and innovative practices into one healthy company.